Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we do. We will work with your insurance and help you understand the expected out of pocket expenses up front. 

Do you accept Medicaid and Medicare?

Yes. We are waiting on approval (should be late summer) but will be taking patients in the meantime. 

Do you require co-pays?

If your insurance states on your card that a co-pay is due, that co-pay will be expected at the time of service. 

Is there a cancellation/no-show policy?

Yes. It is requested that cancellations be made 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time. However, we understand that life happens and will be flexible the first time. After 3 cancellations in a row, we will discuss discontinuation of treatment. After 3 no call/no shows at any point in your treatment plan, you will be charged up to $50 for any future no call/no shows; and Meredith may choose to discontinue treatment at that time.

How often will my therapy be?

Your therapy frequency will be determined following your initial evaluation based on your diagnosis, doctor's request, insurance benefits and your availability to attend therapy.  

What do I need to bring for therapy?

Please bring your insurance card and have your prescription for therapy to or prior to your first appointment-this is required for billing. Please also bring your medication list if possible. 

What do I wear to therapy?

Please wear closed toed shoes with non-slick soles. The clothes you wear should allow for flexible movement and do not restrict the area we are focusing on. If you are bringing your child to therapy, please make sure they are fully dressed or have time to change/go to the bathroom and have their braces or shoes, if needed. This way we can make the most of our treatment time. 

Are there things I need to do outside of my therapy sessions?

Yes! For the best and fastest recovery, it is paramount that you complete your home exercise program as instructed. We can tell when it has been done!

What do I do if I hear my child crying during therapy? 

It is very normal during therapy for a child to cry or act out. They are working very hard to make gains and/or meet the goals set at evaluation and that can create stress and emotions within them. Even if the child is simply having a bad day or doesn't want to cooperate, Meredith is very experienced and can handle any situation that comes her way. It has worked very well in the past to just let Meredith and the child work it out; and if there is a real issue, Meredith will come and get you immediately. 

If I or my loved one needs adaptive equipment, does the therapist get that for me?

No, but Meredith can assist in obtaining the prescription from your doctor and help you find the equipment when you need it.