Our mission at No Limits Rehabilitation is to provide exceptional one on one custom care to patients of all ages and abilities. We strive to meet the high expectations of our patients and caregivers in order to provide the best quality of life that we can. 


This clinic was started out of Meredith's values of focus on pediatrics, community integration for children with autism and a broadening of her skills with general outpatient care. Her philosophy in how she treats her patients is framed in how she would want her loved ones treated. 

Meredith believes that we only accomplish the expectations set for us or we set for ourselves; so when the bar is set low, then the accomplishments match it. However, when we set truly great but realistic expectations that are above all the stereotypes, then we can accomplish great things together. 

It is a team effort at No Limits; therapist, patient and family members and friends all working on the same goal.